Rehoboth Children's Village, South Africa

We believe that orphaned children, affected or infected with HIV or AIDS, deserve a home and a future!

Rehoboth Children's Village is a home to orphaned or abandoned children that are either affected or infected by HIV/AIDS and is located in the KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa. Besides the village, Rehoboth has two houses in Port Shepstone to care for the teenage boys.

Rehoboth is registered with the Department of Social Development to take care of 80 children in total. The children are cared for in family units with a maximum of 5 children per house.

 Check out this presentation made by one of our members who recently visited Rehoboth.

How Can I Help?

In order to continue the work of providing care for orphaned and abandoned children, Rehoboth relies and depends on the great generosity of our sponsors. Thank you for your consideration to support the Rehoboth Children’s Village and the effort to save lives of vulnerable children and further expand their work. Every donation given, whether big or small, goes to furthering their capacity to provide care for these precious children. Thank you for your support!

Click Here for a more detailed letter regarding Rehoboth and BEMC's participation.

Becoming a Sponsor


If you wish to become a Rehoboth sponsor through BEMC, please fill out the commitment card (link below). All sponsorship monies will be processed through our church accounts and sent to Rehoboth on a quarterly basis. You will receive a tax receipt from BEMC for all sponsorship monies given.
If you wish to send extra money for a Christmas gift, please send that money in separately to the church by the end of September. All monies given as gift money is non-receiptable.

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