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Our Purpose:  Passionately Pursuing Christ to Transform Our World and Bring Him Honour.


Our Mission:  To Walk by Faith, Expecting God to do Great Things.


Breslau Evangelical Missionary Church

102 Woolwich Street, Box 25

Breslau, ON   N0B 1M0




Welcome to

Breslau Evangelical Missionary Church

Located in the town of Breslau, Ontario.



Sunday Morning Worship Service  Time: 10am
We have many longings in life.  We long to be accepted.  We long to be loved.  We long for a meaningful life.  Amongst the many longings we experience, heartfelt gratitude and thanksgiving are rare and short lived not because we have no reason to be grateful and thankful, but because we are afraid that once we take a closer look at the reasons of our gratitude and thanksgiving, we realize that they may be temporary and we have little control over.  In this series, we will explore how we can have a lasting experience of gratitude and thanksgiving by living through others’ experience creatively.  You don’t want to miss it!
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