Breslau Evangelical Missionary Church

A Member of the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada

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Sunday Service Time: 10am

 Mailing Address and Contact Info

Breslau Evangelical Missionary Church
102 Woolwich Street, Box 25
Breslau, ON  N0B 1M0
phone: 519-648-2712
fax: 519-648-3092

Main Office Open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays 8am - 4pm

Lead Pastor: Sam Wu 


Current Sermon Series

"Come, Follow Me"

Picture yourself in a grocery store lining up for the cashier and you are the last in line.  A caring store owner walks up to you and says, "Come, follow me!" What thoughts go through your mind?  What would be your response? 

Two thousand years ago Jesus called out to a group of ordinary people like you and I, "Come, follow Me!"  

Imagine you hear those words of Jesus today.  What would be your response? 

In this series we will explore the Joy, the Value and the Assurance we can receive if we respond to the words of Jesus, "Come, Follow Me!"