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Breslau Evangelical Missionary Church
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Lead Pastor: Sam Wu 


BEMC Mission for 2019

What sort of feelings arise when you hear the phrase "Glorify God" or "Give God the Glory"?  Positive?  Negative? No feeling at all?

Do you know what the "Glory of God" is?  Is it tangible like something we can see or touch?  Who is responsible to give and receive glory and why?  What does it mean to "Glorify God...Be His Light"?  How do we do that?

Join us this year as we dig deeper into the meaning of "Glorifying God" and how we, in turn, are to "Be His Light" to those around us.

Current Sermon Series Focus


JOY is an emotion that we all long for, but once we obtain it, it rarely lasts.

There are people who think they will find joy by getting rich, however, once they are rich, they desire more.  So they continue to strive for more money in hopes to find more joy. Some people think they will find joy by seeking pleasures.  But that too does not last.

Joy is an emotion that God gifts to us.  You may ask "How can we have long-lasting Joy even through our circumstances?" The answer can be found in the book of Philippians.  When the apostle Paul wrote this letter he was in prison, possibly facing death.  He sure didn't find joy in his circumstances but he did find joy through the good new of Jesus Christ.

Join us this Sunday @ 10AM as we discover how we can "Glorify God...Be His Light" through discovering long- lasting JOY that only the Lord can give.